Thursday, September 27, 2007

Part Time Jobs.... Add Money to your kitty

The Indian Ecocnomy is in its booming stage, happy news for all the Job Seekers in India.
More and more doors are opened up and the Unemployment Rate in India is dropping down.
The Unemployment rate of India in 2006 is 7.8 (All time low) compared to 8.9 in 2005.
Jobs are available in different forms like full time normal jobs, part time jobs, online jobs, jobs at home etc. Ultimately money matters. The interesting trend which is seen now a days is that more and more students in India is seeking part time opportunities and trying to add more money to their kitty. Super Markets, malls, retail shops are all providing them the opportunity to work as sales boys/girls at evening time or at the time which they prefer. Some people who work in night shifts for jobs like Medical Transcription, Data entry operations, BPOs etc also tries their bit in such part time jobs.
Some companies also provides part time packages to working persons in fields like marketing. But there is a twist in it. A person who is working in Full Time Job is not allowed to work for any other profit making organizations (As per the norms of some companies).
But these rules have to be taken out so that the best ever resource in the world, the human being, could be utilized properly and productively.
Most of the foreign universities take initiatives to provide the students with part time jobs which helps them to meet their expenses. 'Expenses' are not for them alone... But students studyng in India also do have it. So there shouls be some initativenes taken from the part of the Government to help the students to do so along with their studies.
It will also help the students to learn how to earn, manage, and spend money that they get from their hardwork. Such lessons cannot be taught. It has to be learned. So before jumping into serious family life, they gets an opportunity to learn the concept of "Money Management".

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