Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some facts....

A good investor who gets one penny in his hand will make it two. Those who have two will go for three and the like... Only such people will succeed in life..
When we talk about 'Investments' we cannot ignore 'Decisions'.
It is the decision of a person which makes an investment best or the worst. To take better decisions, the person should be more knowledgeable about the investment opportunities that is available in his reach. In this modern era, the reach will cover even the entire universe. A person sitting in US can invest in India and vice verse. Technology changed and so is the world.
More and more investment options are wide open today. For those investors looking forward to India, this is the best time. Reasons are manifold. India is currently one of the largest economy in the world. India welcomes foreign investments (but approval is required). The approval is automatic in sixty categories of industries. India is in a very strategic position and easily accessible to south Asian counties. FMCG Companies are having a big time in India at present and it will remain so in the next 10 years. The consumer market in India accounts to almost 300 million people which is rapidly growing day by day. Demand for several consumer products is growing at over 12% per annum.
India is also a very attractive destination because of its skilled workforce available at competitive price. More and more budding professionals and managers are there who could produce more and is capable of delivering quality outputs to their employers.
One of the factors which triggered the growth of Indian GDP is the manufacturing sector. India is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the world, spanning almost all areas of manufacturing activities. In the coming years we could hope that India will rise to be one of the top countries in the world... Get invested.