Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stock Market- A page from my personal diary !!!!

This piece of article is something that i have taken from my personal experience......
I am an MBA student from India. After doing my graduation in computer science, i was very much interested in doing a management course and thus entered into the field of business. As usual i was also exposed to many opportunities of investment and i learned the effects and defects of every openings in the sector. I am studying in a batch of 180 students, all having good intellectual knowledge and capabilities. Interacting with all of them, i got many ideas and thoughts... I also do maintain contacts with industry experts outside.
The interesting piece of the story starts with my getting interest to the Indian Stock Market.
The market was so bullish that each day it climbed up and up as if it was going up to the heaven. (Of course many investors also started dreaming heaven when the bullishness occurred..!!). As every normal person i was also struck ed with the idea- Why not Stock Market??
But mind it- i am not too foolish to jump into something that glitters (Because all that glitters is not gold). I kept on watching the movements in the stock market. When the News Paper came each day , i went for the business page to read the reviews. I kept on watching the Internet sites. Also i have taken an account from one of the famous brokers in India. I talked to the investors frequently to know their ideas. I also started analysing the portfolios and made me updated each day.
My mind advised me- 'wait......its not the right time for patient....something great awaits you...' . So i decided to wait. I thought 2007 will be the year of my entry to stock market. But it was not the right year. Also i didn't had enough pocket money to take a quicker decision.
But believe me- there is a right time for everything in life.
At last the day came........a day in 2008- the day that i waited for a long period of time, the day that i dreamed for long, the day of the investor in me. I got some pocket money and apart from that the market crashed to nearly 800 points a week back. So for a person who is in an entry level like me- it is the right time. One of my friends- who is a 'Great Investor' encouraged me to jump into it. He told to me- "Hey come on yaar.... you will not get such a time to jump.....come on.... "
What should i do- everything is right- I JUMPED- but the fall was into a deep sea.
I got my nose hit at the ground first. Then my chin and then my chest and my whole body banged into the floor. I am still lying in the floor hoping that some day or other i will get up. Did you get it??
The moment after i put my cash in the stock market- the whole market crashed and it crashed in a record break of over 1500 points the first day and above 2000 points in the second. Starting its fall from 22000 it reached a mark of 15000 causing crores of lose in the market. Never ever such an incident had happened in the economic history of India. No expert could have predicted such a lose in the market. Companies were in a worry. Investors thought like banging there heads on the wall. Indian government even extended their support to the investors.
They were all trying to find out the actual reason of this downfall. I am also in search for the actual reason behind the same. But i was so badly fractured that i don't even have the ability to wake up. But i believe - 'There is a right time for everything' (No other way of thinking right now!!)